About Ajiri Aki

Ajiri grew up in Austin, Texas and lived in New York City for 10 years. She worked in the fashion and museum worlds as an editor, stylist, research intern and associate curator at several fashion magazines, The Costume Institute of The Met, and the Museum of the City of New York. Recently she co-authored her first book, Where's Karl?, about the whereabouts of Karl Lagerfeld that became a NY Times best seller.

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  1. Super refreshing to read such an honest description of the trails and tribulations of moving to another country, experiencing a new culture with all the positives and challenges it brings.
    Thank you!

  2. Paris is no longer the glamourous city it used to be – especially since Charlie Hebdo and the attack on the Hypercacher. We go to Paris once or twice a year. I am perfectly fluent in French and lived there years ago. Paris is now an armed camp. We ate at a restaurant in the Marais next to a synagogue so we could feel comfortable having soldiers next door guarding (us too). There are soldiers and police everywhere. We stayed in the 10eme arrondissement. I felt very nervous there.

    • mm

      Violence in Paris and the United States have unfortunately changed our day-to-day lives and affected how and where we feel safe. My daughter’s school is across from the Charlie Hebdo office, so we know all too well the faces of the armed guards. However I must say we try our best to ignore the guns and continue to absorb the charm of the medieval streets and beautiful architecture.

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